The Power of a Dollar

In today’s economy there is not much you can do with a dollar, let alone five dollars. It’s rare to afford a convenience meal or a drink from a coffee shop for $5 or less today too.

However, The Friendship Center has optimized our dollars making it possible for donated dollars to go further.

Through our food rescue program, we partner with local grocers: Jewel, Mariano’s, Tony’s Fresh Market, Costco, and GoPuff to receive a variety of items each week and prevent avoidable food waste. We receive a weekly order from the Greater Chicago Food Depository of canned items, fresh produce, dairy products, eggs, meat, and fish.

Supportive neighbors also host food drives and we receive donations from urban farms, gardens, and bakeries.

Due to the quantity of food that is donated to us every year, donated dollars are able to amplify the mission by supporting operating costs, providing access to vital resources and purchasing food.

At The Friendship Center, $1 = 7.5 meals

How the math breaks down: We take the total pounds of donated food we receive in a year and divide that by our operating expenses to distribute the food, and it comes out to nine lbs per every dollar. Every meal is roughly 1.2 lbs.

When you donate to The Friendship Center, every dollar is being optimized to foster hope and dignity and provide access to food and vital resources to our neighbors facing hunger.

Give today to ensure our neighbors have access to holiday meals and vital resources this year.